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male cockiteil with nice large cage
male cockiteil with nice large cage healty male bird sings eats but is not hand tame just likes to talk he is about 1 year old and i just dont have the t... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-28 $100
Young budgie with cage and accessories
Young budgie with cage and accessories This is Binoo. She comes with cage and accessories .Binoo knows his name and was hand tamed but now not as that hand ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-26 $55
Large bird cage for small birds
Large bird cage for small birds I have a big bird cage for smaller birds, I had 4 love birds in it. Lots of space for them. The gap between the bars ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-25 $350
Wanted: Hand raised budgie wanted! :) Hello, I am looking to buy a hand raised budgie.  Must be a hand raised budgie and not a regular budgie.  I am happy... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-22
2 sweet budgies for sale to a good home Two female budgies to a good home. Not free because my friend has spent a lot of money on them. They come with cage, ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-22
Two budgies (one green and yellow, one white and blue) I have two budgie birds for sale and cage with accessories.  They are fairly young, not sure of sex.  Bought recently... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-14 $80
Wanted: Looking for a male cockatiel I would like a male cockatiel. I would love it if he could talk, but that is not a must. He does not have to be tame ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-11
Canaries for sale i have 7 canaries for sale. All less than a year old except the father he is about 3 years old. i can sell separat... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-11 $60
Breeding pair of cocktail for sale As the picture shown, the yellow one is the male, the normal one is female. Cage is not include but I've food for ab... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-02 $250