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Seeking interview for seeking arrangements Hello my name is kathleen Burris and I am interested in finding an interviewee who has utilized services from seeking... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-30
FEAR IS A LIAR - Bursary for NS Females Pursuing Their Passions
FEAR IS A LIAR - Bursary for NS Females Pursuing Their Passions Unique Bursary designed to encourage young female leaders in Nova Scotia to be fearless in the pursuit of their passi... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-29
I would like to invite a true and genuine psychic to my home Myself and a few friends would like to invite a true and genuine psychic, to my home. Any assistance would be apprec... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-29
Will work for a vehicle. Hello, I am currently seeking a vehicle for our family of four. I would like to work in exchange for a running vehicl... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-28
TO RUN ERRANDS Person with own vehicle to do errands for senior lady as required.  Errands include groceries, pick up & returns.  $1... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-28
FIGHTING WCB PLEASE HELP I've been fighting WCB for the past 6 YEARS, and I'm finally getting my day in court I am in need of some finacial he... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-28
Spryfield McDonald's on Herring Cove I need your help! I am looking for someone to place an order at the McDonald's at 331 Herring Cove Rd. I need you to ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-28
LOOKING TO BORROW WETSUIT Hi there! Looking for a WETSUIT for this upcoming weekend for NSCAD film shoot. Please contact if interested * Will... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-28
Younge family falling behind. Looking for odd cash jobs With student loan repayment, daycare bills and Work hours slowed down We need some extra cash. We are falling behind ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-25
Please Can I help you, Help me? Please help. I have been trying to find work day in day out. I lost my job a week before Christmas.  My Roommate has... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-25
Healthy Living on a Budget The following sessions can either be taken together or separately. Each session is free of charge and requires no reg... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-24
Can't afford to put down/cremate out family dog Rosie is a 13 year old golden retriever, she was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma just last week at the vet. Rosie h... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-23
SEO SERVICES & Website development
SEO SERVICES & Website development NEED TO GET FOUND? We can help Guaranteed results Running an on-line business is tough enough without having to worry... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-23
Are you a student?Do U take care of a fam member w/ Alzheimers? Are you/do you know a student who is a primary care giver for a family member with Alzheimer's?   I am doing a story ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-23
Struggling with debt? Want to tell your story? Are you in your 40's or a senior citizen? Are you struggling with debt? Want to tell your story to a local media outl... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-23
Research study for undergraduate studes We are looking for undergraduate students to take part in a study about how pain influences reward experiences. The p... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-14
Personal shopping service for seniors(ONLY$12) I run a successful personal shopper service for seniors in Halifax. I only charge $12 per visit to the grocery store ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-13
Patti C. - Heartfelt Poetry - Greeting Cards If there are not any Patti C. Heartfelt Poetry  Greeting cards available, please ask the   staff at the Common Value... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-12
CAN SOMEONE HELP ME We are in need of assistance Both myself and wife are in dire need of financial assistance Are going to be foreclosed... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-11
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE NEEDED I am  in need of assistance Both myself and wife are in dire need Are going to be foreclosed on. lose vehicle. This i... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-11
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