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Giving away my adorable loving dog I have a red heeler dog to give away. She is 1 yrs old. She loves kids and trained She is breedable as she is not fix... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-29
Wanted: 1 to 3 year old male or female cat Looking for a male or female cat. Must be spayed or neutered and have proof. I have a neutered male cat that is lonel... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-29
Wanted: Small animal cages & accessories Looking for free cages , food, shavings toys etc. spaces available for un-wanted hamsters email today for a drop off... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-28
Cream Dwarf Hamster I am recently pregnant and as such can no longer have rodents in my home. So unfortunatly I have to adopt out my swee... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-28
Wanted: Tarantula(female) Looking for pink toe or rose tarantula as a pet. Must have enclosure and whatever she needs to be comfortable. I can ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-26
Wanted: Wanted Fish of cichlids Looking for acouple FREE Fish got a tank and no more fish got acoulpe tank suckers n gold fish but want to have some ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-23
Wanted: looking for a female dog companion for my dog. I am looking for a female smallish breed dog to keep my dog company. I am in and out all the time and feel bad leavin... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-23
Free male cat to go to a loving home!
Free male cat to go to a loving home! Hi there. I have a male tuxedo long haired cat to give to a good home. I took him off the streets a few months ago ho... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-23
Looking To Adopt a Bird, Conure, Cockatiel, Budgie,Senegal,ect Hello guys, I am looking to adopt a parrot, any type is fine with me. African Grey, Cockatoo, Amazon, Quaker, Conur... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-23
Friendly rescue kitty needs a good home! I have a beautiful cat his name is Loui, a friend of a friend rescued him 2 years ago but he didnt want him anymore :... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-23
Kind Heart Needed ! In November, I brought a stray into my home because I couldn't watch her suffer out in the cold. I kept her isolated ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-22
2 leopard geckos FREE I have two leopard geckos I would like to give away, I'm moving and I don't have the space for them in my new place. ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-22
Free male cat to a good home He is a good cat free to a good home ! Favorites Halifax 2014-01-12
Cat to a good home
Cat to a good home hi I have a 8 month old calico kitten double front paws very active and loves to play.FEMALE please call as I do not ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-11
Ginger long hair cat needs a home
Ginger long hair cat needs a home I have this sweet cat that has a great personality. However, my roommate have some issues about too many cats at home... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-11
Friendly brother and sister kitties re homing due to relocation.
Friendly brother and sister kitties re homing due to relocation. Hi, I have 2 short haired black and white 7 year old cats named Newt (F) and Ripley (M) which I need to re-home as we... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-11
Friendly Cat for new home Very sweet mature female cat she's about 9 years old. She is extremely social loves humans. She's brown and black, he... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-10
Brothers I am doing this for a friendshe has two long hair cats to give awaythe two cats are brothers3 years old , fixed and d... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-10
Cat I have an indoor cat she is almost a year old and I'm leaving the country so this is the reason why I wanna give her ... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-04
2 kitties need forever homes ASAP
2 kitties need forever homes ASAP We have 2 cats that need a new home ASAP. We are leaving NS Friday and are looking for someone to give our cats a lov... Favorites Halifax 2014-01-04
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